Ratlaupfélagið Hekla

Viltu vinna Heklu bikara?

Keep in mind there is a trophy for the Hekla member who takes part in most map trainings during the season.

By now, the results are as follows:
14 pts: Christian Peter, Gísli J.
13 pts: Skúli
12 pts: Baldur E., Fjölnir, Guðmundur H.
11 pts: Dana, Gísli Örn, Vilhjálmur G.

10 trainigs to go so almost everyone has a chance to win this trophy.

(You get a point for each training that you take part and appear in the result list published and also one for the training you organise. Let me, Dana, know, if you sign using different names or if you think a mistake was made).

In the 19 trainings that have been organised since the beginning of May, 114 individuals and teams took part. The most attended events were Öskjuhlíðardagur on May 7 in which 34 runners took part and Sunday training in Elliðaárdalur on May 29 with 30 participants. In average 16 runners meet each time.

The Hekla Club is looking forward to seeing you at the autumn trainings.






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