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Útskýringar á dagskrá

Hérna fyrir neðan eru útskýringar á hinu ýmsu tegundum rathlaupaæfinga sem koma fyrir í dagskránni. Eins og er eru þær aðeins á ensku.

This is a cours with a lot of controls with a short distance between. There will not be a control at each location drawn on the map and this is the most important part of the element… The idea is to force people to slow down and not run faster than they can read the map. This will train the orienteers skills to read the small details. By not having a controle at each location you will have to be sure that you are the right place and be in better contact with the map. Otherwise people has a tendens to forget reading carfully because they will see the controle from distance.

This is about getting a fast overview over the map and all the controls. You have X amount of controles which you can take in the order you like. It makes a big difference how to take them and it’s important to be able to get a good overview of a map when you are running different courses. At the same sime you have a time limit and here is the stressfull part. How much time will you allow yourself to spend on finding the right order? If you do it too fast you might lose a lot of time on the cours, but at the same time you don’t want to waste too much time on planning instead of running.

You will be running in a corridor all the way with only a limited part of the map shown. This will force you to not only use the skills you are used to, but to push you to trust your skills and using the map fully. You will not have a lot of route choises and that’s not the idea.

Here you will have to turn everything around. You are not in control of your speed, only of your chois of route. There will be colours telling you how fast you have to run. These three colours are as a street light. Red is very slow and used for fine orienteering(full contact with the map), yellow regular to slow and is for medium orienteering (which means that you can lose contact with the map for a short while) and finally green is full throttle and very simple orienteering (you will need very little contact with the map) Always a good idea to devide your orienteering up so you know when you need to slow down.

This is more luck than skill, but very funny! You have a regular cours, but with a little twist. During your race you will all of a sudden find a big cirkel with three controles drawn inside, but only at one of them you will find something. This will train the same skill as the Perlufestarathlaup, but with higher intensity and more stress. It is important to know where you are even though you don’t see the controle – it can be just next to you without you seeing it…

This element is a regular orienteering cours with small loops all starting and ending with the same control. This is good to use for relay to prevent people from following each other. Nothing special about this event skillwise, but good to see as a runner and future cours maker how big a differense it makes from which direction you enter the controle. The diffidulty of the same controle can change from easy to hard, just by taking it from different directions.

Catches are important to be able to use. If you are in control of using catches you will move a big steb in orienteering. This is on of the main skill in simplyfying the difficulty. If you have a direction and a catch or even better er funnel you will make good distance in no time. This element is a regular cours, but with unknown areas on the way. Here you will be forces to run through the unknown area and run into the catch to get back on track – everything on the way is unnessesary to read or know about and therefor we will try to take it out of you view.

This is the next step from Blindrathlaup. Here you get to study and see a master (map with the cours on) and from that draw your own map. You will study the master as if you were running the race in your head and thinking about which details you would be using on the race. Now these details are all you will have and even better you will have drawn them yourself. This is the best way of simplyfying orienteeringtechnic and realize how little of the map you need to use to find your way.

This is the opposite of Einfaldarathlaup.Here you need to slow down and read all the details. You have a start givin and then a line on the map, which you will have to try to follow as perfectly as possible. On this line you will find X amount of controles which you will have to draw on the map to get the confermation at the finish… Here you will see a master that reveals all the controls true location.

The cours is again a regular orienteering cours but with bigger cirkels. The control is not specificly placed in the center like in an ordinary cours. The control can be where ever, only the diffinition of the control can tell you where to find it within the cirkel. It is always important to know what you are looking for if you don’t se the control. By knowing what you are looking for you are well prepared for surprices, instead of panicing and mislead yourself out in some time waste.

Fylgja Jóni
Two and two together. One with a map with only even numbers and the other with a map with uneven numbers. The guy with control number 1 leads to the first control while the other has his map well burried in the pocket (NO PEEKING) He will try to follow along while memorizing the way and the details they pass on the way. When they arrive to the control the guy who hasn’t had a map to look at starts investigating. He shows the other guy where they are and get it confirmed or corrected if it’s wrong. Then they switch so the guy who was following before is leading now and the other puts his map in the pocket. Be aware of details in the terrain even though your not using them to find your way. If you end up getting lost, it is always nice to be able to read back.

Map one:                                  Map two:

An orienteering cours build on many small sprint courses. If you are running alone you can use it as intervals, which is awesome, but if you are two or more running together you can get a proper competition going on. You start with 30 seconds interval and switch to begin. Run the first sprint and wait for each other at the first goal to compare times. Jog together to the next start and do it again, only a new one starts. Extreme intensity and really good fun!


This technical training is one of the most giving training forms when it comes to technique improvement.

This is about learning to read the map without the luxury of having paths and trails shown on the map. The easy items, which many runners rely to much on have been removed from the map and only the vegetation and contour is left. This will force the runner to read and trust the terrain as the only thing and there by learn to rely more on the map and self gain some more confidence.


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