Ratlaupfélagið Hekla

Næsta rathlaup í Öskjuhlíð

Rathlaup í Öskjuhlíð.
Mæting aftan við Shell bensínstöðina við dælustöðina.
Brautin er opin á milli kl 17 – 18:30
Boðið er upp á bingóæfingu og venjulegt rathlaup

This is more luck than skill, but very funny! You have a regular cours, but with a little twist. During your race you will all of a sudden find a big cirkel with three controles drawn inside, but only at one of them you will find something. This will train the same skill as the Perlufestarathlaup, but with higher intensity and more stress. It is important to know where you are even though you don’t see the controle – it can be just next to you without you seeing it.






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