201101 Öskjuhlíð

Nr: 201101
Nafn: Öskjuhlíð
Ár: 2011
Staðsetning: Reykjavík
Tegund: OJ
Skali: 1:4000
Hæðarlínur: 2m
Kortastærð: A3
Höfundaréttur: Rathlaupsfélagið Hekla
Kortateiknarar: Christian Peter MacLassen
Felttími: Vor 2011
Flatarmál: 1.08 km2
Hlutfall nýkortlagningar: 0%

2 comments to “201101 Öskjuhlíð”
  1. I visited Iceland in March 2012 to celebrate my 65th birthday. I hiked the Oskjuhlio area while there and have been trying to identify some old steps in what appears to be a gully/channel on the hillside between the Pearl and Hotel Natura. I took photos and would like to identify what they are and what their use was. I found your map of the park online, but cannot translate what it says. I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you.

  2. Hello Brandy,

    This is the remnants of wartime oil tanks. The other buildings (ruins) in the area are fortifications from WWII.

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